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Using its capabilities as a base, RSI builds
combined and customised products and
service solutions for its corporate clients
that suit their customers’ needs.


We deliver real value products and services that are cost effective and with excellent customer experience.

  • Real value products (not only perceived value)
  • Maximal use of benefits
  • Our customers pay a fair price for the products
  • Excellent service experience


Smarthome products provide repair or replacement cover for unforeseen failure on home fixtures and appliances.

Smarthome Fixtures and Appliance products and services are designed to assist our customers in the event of failure.  Home fixtures and appliance failure could be mechanical, electrical or due to wear and tear.  Both products are designed to allow our customers to add additional items and to tailor the cover to suit their needs.

Smarthome Fixtures assists households with emergency home repairs. It covers repair after wear and tear failure or replacement of key household components.

What is covered

Depending on what you choose to cover you select, your home is covered against electrical, plumbing, geyser and motor repairs. Replacement of components or (were necessary) entire units is also covered. Each claim is limited to R10,000, with a low flat excess payable. 

Standard Package                                                                    

  • Electric (wiring, electrical fittings, distribution board)
  • Plumbing (pipes, drains, municipal connection inside property)
  • Geyser repairs – covers repair or replacement of components such as thermostat, element and valves to ensure the continued operation of the geyser. This does not cover burst geysers.

Add On*

  • Motor (pool, garage, gate) – covers repair or replacement of selected gate, garage and swimming pool motors for an additional premium for each motor
  • Geyser replacementcovers full replacement of burst geysers and other components for an additional premium

*Add on cover can be added to the Standard Package. Pricing provided is per item.

Smarthome Fixtures Benefits

  • We help you get your fixtures fixed with reputable repairers.
  • You are not faced with sudden unforeseen expenses to repair your fixtures.
  • Our premium is affordable.
  • All labour cost and parts covered.
  • We Replace the faulty unit or fitting with the same or higher specification should an exact replacement not be available.
  • We will keep you informed at every stage of the process to ensure that you are fully aware of the progress of your claim.

Smarthome Appliance provides mechanical and electrical breakdown cover on all major household appliances.                                                                             >

What is covered

After you choose which appliances you want to cover, appliances will be covered for mechanical or electrical breakdown including the replacement of components and, if necessary, the entire appliance. Each claim is limited to R20,000. 

Standard Package

  • Fridge
  • Television
  • Washing Machine
  • Stove
  • Microwave

Add On*                                              

  • Additional TV
  • Additional Fridge / Freezer
  • Sound Bars or sound systems
  • Tumble Dryer
  • Decoder
  • Dishwasher 

*The above add on items can be added to the standard package.

Smarthome Appliance Benefits

  • We help you get your appliances fixed with reputable repairers.
  • You are not faced with sudden unforeseen expenses to repair your appliances.
  • If we can’t repair it we’ll replace it.
  • We allow a maximum of 5 working days to secure parts to repair the appliance. If we cant secure them in this time frame we will replace the appliance.
  • We will replace the faulty appliance with the same or higher specification and brand quality should an exact replacement not be available
  • Affordable premium, no excess.
  • All labour costs and parts covered.